Thursday, 2 July 2009

The Sun did nothing wrong in the Alfie Patten case, says PCC

The PCC has decided it will do absolutely nothing about the Sun's 'Dad at 13' Alfie Patten front page.

To recap - the Sun spashes on its front page a completely untrue story, without apparently doing any research and background checks, and the body that regulates the press says it can't censure the paper.

The PCC is hiding behind the court restrictions that were imposed because of the intrusive and potentially damaging nature of the story, which they claim 'effectively precluded both further approaches to the families and the publication of any new information'.

But since the Sun has itself printed a story saying Alfie was not the father, surely this statement by the PCC is mealy-mouthed bullshit.

The story was false - the paper has admitted it. The PCC can give them a (feeble) slap on the wrists on that basis alone. But it won't.

What a great system.

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