Friday, 24 July 2009

Sun apologises for falsely blaming Gypsies

Back in May, it was mentioned on this blog how the vandalising of a Surrey Police helicopter was blamed on 'Gypsies' by the Sun, Mail and Telegraph, despite the fact a police spokesman said the perpetrators were 'unknown'.

A reminder of what the Mail alleged to have happened:

After threatening staff working in the operations room, they set about wrecking the helicopter, smashing six of its windows and causing tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage. The incident happened at 10pm yesterday after weeks of aerial surveillance on the travellers’ site, where detectives believe stolen goods have been hidden.

So, can you guess what the Sun published yesterday?

Surrey Police have not blamed gipsies for an attack on their force helicopter, no staff in their operations rooms were threatened by gipsies and no gipsy site was being targeted for a raid as we reported on May 14.

We apologise for the mistakes and are happy to set the record straight.

As Septicisle pointed out this is 'pretty comprehensive' for an apology. But how come the Mail and Telegraph versions have not been retracted or apologised for?

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