Monday, 27 July 2009

MailOnline proves that sex sells

The latest figures on hits to newspaper websites revealed that MailOnline had become the most popular newspaper website in Britain. They received 29.3million unique visitors in June 2009, up 83% from June 2008.

As Peter Preston commented in yesterday's Observer, the Mail website is a vastly different animal from the newspaper and often resembles nothing more than an issue of particularly downmarket sleb obsessed weekly mag.

Martin Clarke, the Mail's Online editor, said:

'Obviously we are delighted to have regained the number one spot in terms of monthly unique visitors and we are particularly pleased with the increase in UK traffic. This is the result of steady and consistent growth since the redesign of our site in May 2008.'

Er, no, it's a result of being obsessed with tits and ass, and covering such crucial news stories as soap stars wearing bikinis...complete with 17 pictures.

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