Friday, 24 July 2009

Sun invents Jackson/Geller story, because there aren't enough true odd Jackson/Geller stories

A curious, unrevealing apology in the Sun today to Uri Geller, with a charitable donation on top. It reads:

On December 18 we wrongly reported that Uri Geller had collaborated with the late Michael Jackson on a recent project.

We now accept that our story was without foundation and that Uri has had no involvement with any such scheme.

We apologise to him for suggesting otherwise and have agreed to make a donation to the Uri Geller Charitable Foundation.

A 'recent project' and 'scheme'? What could they have written? It looks like it might have been this:

Michael Jackson and self-proclaimed psychic Uri Geller are to launch a joint bid to end the global economic crisis, according to reports.

Geller is said to be keen to install subliminal messages into Jackson's music which will encourage people to have a more positive outlook.

“Uri is convinced the power of positive thought can lift us out of economic gloom,” a source told the Sun newspaper.

“Him and Jacko recorded a spoken-word message and want to put it behind the track so it can penetrate people’s subconscious.”

Really? That wasn't true? It does the beg the question: where did the get the story from - or did they just make it up for themselves?

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