Thursday 23 July 2009

Totally deluded

As if to make the point once again that Richard Desmond does indeed influence the articles in his paper, the story Daily Express owner: I set record straight has appeared, which includes his statement on the libel case he failed to win because the jury didn't believe what he said. In full, it reads:

Richard Desmond, Chairman of Northern and Shell, which owns the Daily Express and Sunday Express newspapers, tonight expressed satisfaction at the end of his three week High Court battle against the journalist Tom Bower.

Mr. Desmond said: “I sued Mr Bower for defamation because he made inaccurate and damaging allegations about me, yet he refused to apologise and publish a correction.

"Bower made a series of errors about events and timings and even got the name of one of my newspapers wrong.

"His biggest mistake was in thinking I would not go to court to uphold my reputation and the resulting action has cost many hundreds of thousands of pounds to defend a few ill-thought-out remarks that were not even essential to his book.”

Mr. Desmond concluded: “It was worth it to stand up in court and set the record straight.”

Umm, yeh, but you lost, Mr Desmond.

Funny how the totally impartial editorial team forgot to mention that bit. In fact, reading that article you would almost think he had won.

He didn't. He lost.


  1. Note that the Express site helpfully tells that "Have Your Say is unavailable for this story".

    So no chance of anyone pointing out the facts, then.

  2. Welcome to the parallel Desmond Universe where you can claim to have won a libel case which you lost. Where Maddy appears simultaneously all over the world, and where Dianna was killed by MI5 and Prince Philip.

  3. Simply a minor oversight by the editorial team, I'm sure. A bit like reporting on a football match and omitting the result.

  4. If you log onto the Express’s web site and do a search for the libel story you will find a link entitled “DESMOND LOSES HIGH COURT LIBEL CASE”. But if you click onto that link you find this:- “The article you are looking for does not exist. It may have been deleted.”


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