Wednesday, 8 July 2009

More on the queue jumping myth

The Express, as I posted yesterday, had originally written up the story on immigration and social housing in a very un-Express way with 'Immigrants 'don't top housing list''. But they decided that wouldn't do, and so their version of James Slack, Macer Hall, churned out 'How one in ten immigrants get a council house', complete with quotes from Migrationwatch.

That's much more like it. Not only is it imflammatory and anti-immigrant, it's also wrong. Ten percent of social housing inhabited by immigrants is not the same as 'one in ten immigrants get a council house'. But Hall seems to think it is.

In the meantime, the BNP have issued 'Migrationwatch Chairman Confirms: Immigrants Are Given Priority in Social Housing'. It uses an article by Andrew Green, published last week in the Mail, to 'prove' yesterday's report was wrong. Which makes perfect sense. And how proud must Sir Andrew be to have his article quoted almost in its entirety for a BNP press release.

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