Monday, 6 July 2009

Mail tells woman to go on diet

A few days after its article on BDD, the Mail has decided to make light of such issues, with another nasty and frankly irresponsible attack on Britney Spears' weight.

'Who ate all the croissants?' they ask, pointing their finger at the 'distinctly fuller figured' Britney as she arrived in Paris for some concerts:

After finishing the British leg of her world tour Britney Spears took a well-earned two-week break. But it appears that the holiday has had an impact on her figure - with Britney looking distinctly fuller-figured as she took to the stage in Paris. The singer's thighs and arms looked larger than before.
They include a series of pictures of her looking as if she's in fairly normal shape for her height. One of them includes the caption: 'Time for a diet?'

Thankfully, the comments also think the Mail is being ridiculous with almost every one of the nearly 30 left so far critical of the story:

  • no wonder women feel constantly worried about their shapes and sizes, if someone the size of britney is criticised for being 'overweight'.
  • She is what at the most a size ten!!! Come on people get a grip!!! This is what a normal sized person looks like!!
  • "Time for a diet?" & "Who ate all the croissants?" Really? Are you kidding me?
  • That's a "full figure"? God help the rest of us!
Of course, the Mail has form on this. In contrast to saying she has put on weight in the last two weeks, the paper was claiming back on 16 March that Britney was 'noticeably wider in the waist'. And on 5 March that she was 'bigger than ever' with a 'rather fuller figure'. In other words, her weight hasn't really changed over the last several months - she certainly doesn't look much different in the pics.

But the Mail knows that photos of Britney in stockings, boots and corsets will go down well with the their middle aged male readers, and thus they have to dream up an angle so it doesn't look like they are just using them so they can have a perv.

But it seems hard to believe the Mail feels it is perfectly acceptable to tell a young woman who looks normal, fit and healthy that it's time for her to diet.

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