Thursday, 16 July 2009

Mail laughs at woman with virus

Woman gets virus that has killed 29 people. Daily Mail comments people think it's hilarious. Sadly predictable, but still unbelievable, that the Mail moderators allow these comments on the story that Cherie Blair may have swine flu:
  • Can't stop laughing, how very appropriate she should get it - I hope Tony isn't spared.
  • The best news I've heard all day!
  • Deepest sympathy NOT!!!
  • Its the best laugh i have had for years ,what goes around comes around.
  • Well, this is very sad and serious news indeed. I really feel sorry for.... oh, who I am I kidding, HA HA HA!
And there are 13 trough 'jokes' along the lines of:
  • Thats what you get when you spend to much time in the trough.
  • Snout too far in the trough.
  • do you think that perhaps she caught it from the trough?
  • Caught whilst having her snout in the trough no doubt!
Needless to say, one of the comments wishing her well - 'I hope that mrs blair gets better quickly...people cannot be hard towards another suffering human....' - is marked -473.

Such a charming lot who read and run the Mail.

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  1. A rare occasion on which Mail commenters actually rise above some other commenters on the same issue:


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