Sunday, 26 July 2009

Star spins web of deceit on Jackson death

The Daily Star has been up to its old tricks of putting misleading headlines on its front page. Yesterday, its lead splash was:
The story, the latest in a long line linking Conrad Murray to Michael Jackson's death, began:

Key evidence linking Dr Conrad Murray with Michael Jackson’s death was destroyed just three hours before the singer was reported dead, police believe.

So when the following day, the Daily Star Sunday leads with this, it appears the suspicions had been confirmed:
Except he didn't really confess to anything. Certainly not to murder, which is what it heavily implies. Instead, the story says:

MICHAEL Jackson’s secret stash of potentially deadly drugs was only found by detectives after the dead star’s doctor “blurted out” its hiding place.

Dr Conrad Murray’s revelation came in an informal police interview without his lawyer present. One senior investigator said yesterday: “It was almost by accident that he said it.”

Any story about Jackson's death - particularly those based on anonymous stories - needs to be taken with a large pinch of salt - espcially when it's in the Star.

The same article, incidentally, also 'exclusively' claims Jackson overdosed three times in his last 18 months - a far bigger story, if true, than the one they actually lead on. So it's very likely not true either.

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