Thursday 9 July 2009

Express pays damages over false story (cont.)

Kate Beckinsale has been awarded £20,000 in damages by the Express (surprise!) over claims she missed out on the lead role in an upcoming remake of Barbarella.

The paper claimed she was 'facing heartbreak' after being overlooked for her 'dream role'. Her lawyer said:

As the defendant now accepts, the allegations are entirely false. The claimant [Beckinsale] was never in discussions about this film role and there was never a possibility she would be part of this project.

The Express' very busy lawyer added his client's 'sincere apology' (sincere? Hill and Desmond?) and was 'happy to pay damages and Beckinsale's legal fees'. He added:

"The defendant acknowledges that the false allegations should never have been published."

Add that to this and these (not to mention this) and you have quite a list of major complaints and court cases involving Richard Desmond's dreadful papers.

Oh and just another reminder of Peter Hill's comments to the Commons Select Committee that 'in his 10-and-a-half years as editor there had been "few complaints against me" and "no major law suits."'

Peter Hill = liar.

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  1. I heard a bystander say that Richard Desmond 'is a tacky hypocrite', and that Peter Hill is 'facing heartbreak' over 'failing to get a job at a good newspaper'. My sources report nothing of the sort, however.


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