Saturday, 29 August 2009

Amanda Platell 'forgets' she's an immigrant

It has always been a bit of a source of wonder how Amanda Platell can be considered an expert on anything given her claim to fame is her incredibly unsuccessful work as press secretary for William Hague.

Her latest outburst is related to this week's population figures. As if trying to be an offensive and inaccurate in as little time as possible, her third sentence reads:

Sadly, though, it is not the indigenous middle-class, hard-working, tax-paying population that's exploding.

She might as well have said 'we're being over-run by chavs and foreigners on benefits' and be done with it.

She blames the benefit system, suggesting:

it's not so much a baby boom we're experiencing as a benefits boom. Middle Britain, stand ready to empty your wallets.

She asks:

how many immigrant mums have contributed anything to this country before landing us with another child to educate in our already struggling schools?

Obviously she doesn't provide an answer, because she doesn't know, but asking the question makes it sound like this must be a problem. She goes on, in typical BNP-style rhetoric to ask:

At a time when the very core of Britishness is threatened, shouldn't we be concerned about this?

What exactly is the 'very core of Britishness'? What is it being threatened by? Does anyone know what she is on about?

She also claims:

We are now the second most densely populated country in the world

despite the fact 'we' are 52nd. So that is just a blatant lie.

She goes on to display a lack of self-awareness that takes the breath away:

We're told mass immigration is crucial to keep Britain booming, that we need foreign workers.

In fact, as other figures showed this week, more than five million Brits have never worked under Labour, which suggests that far from importing workers, we need to get our own population into jobs.

At which point you just want to scream. Because, for those who don't know, Amanda Platell was born in Australia.

That would make her an immigrant. An immigrant with a job on a British newspaper. She's complaining about herself.


  1. I posted something on this as well. Really was a shocking article, so devoid of any facts or true figures, yet sadly many people in the comments are praising her 'for telling it like it is' etc.

    At least some people are posting about what a load of lies and stereotypes she has written.

  2. Sorry guys - if I had known you (and the Quail) had posted/were going to post I would have saved myself the effort!

  3. Originally an adult migrant from Australia myself (early 1971) I cringe when I read Amanda's comments. There are so many immigrants who have contributed to Britain, given something or filled a niche that the local population couldn't, that I wonder what planet the woman lives on. I don't think she mixes very much with the lower middle-class and below working and not working people or she'd realise that many of the 'spongers' (to use a good old Australian term) are the very people she seems to be defending. If there wasn't the work for migrants to do they wouldn't be here.

  4. Dear Ms Platell complains that Dave and Nick are spending too much time with their children!
    Mercifully, she's too old to have any, so doesn't understand parenthood.

  5. Ms Platell is not only an immigrant, her parents or ancestors before them must have been immigrants to Australia themselves. She's certainly of European stock and an immigrant many times removed, I believe, or whatever that means.

  6. I have just spoken to someone today and he said that we were the second most densely populated in the world. I suppose he had read this article. It is terrible that this might be the case where this type of journalism does a lot of damage as people believe it. I am watching Hugh at the inquiry and he is a star. He made (now understandable) allusion to this horrible person.


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