Saturday, 15 August 2009

Sun makes sure you know George Michael is gay

This is today's Sun front page.

See what they did there? Because the person involved is gay, they have to add in a 'joke' about anal sex.

And that isn't the only one. The trucker is 'quoted' as saying:

'He must have been doing 100mph. When he got out he couldn't walk straight.'

Brilliant. And then, because he was 'arrested on suspicion of drink driving':

the gay singer [was] described as "away with the fairies"

Fairies - ya know, cos he's gay. Hilarious.

And of what relevance is the fact he is 'gay'? If it was a heterosexual in a car crash, would they say 'the straight singer'? No, of course not. And they don't say it once - two sentences before that one they refer to

Gay George

Blimey. There's not a lot to this story. He was arrested but released without charge, so the 'drink-driving' claim probably isn't true. And no one was injured. So why is this front page news?

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  1. at a guess, because it's George Michael?


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