Monday, 31 August 2009

Bank holiday racism from the Mail

The heart always sinks when you read a Daily Mail headline such as One out of every five killers is an immigrant, partly because you know it isn't true and partly because you know Mail readers won't realise it isn't true.

However, it's good that Five Chinese Crackers is on the case to reveal how thoroughly dishonest the Mail is being in the way it presents the (partial) stats.

As 5CC hints, this will no doubt turn up on the BNP site very soon.

While printing such disgraceful scaremongering bullshit, it ignores the story that made the Guardian's front page about the treatment of children in immigration detention (which even made the Express).

So a true story about children with post-traumatic stress being locked up unnecessarily or a deliberately misleading and false bit of anti-immigrant hatred.

The Mail has made its choice.

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