Sunday, 2 August 2009

Facebook - now it makes you suicidal!

This story started life in the Sunday Telegraph, but it's little surprise the Mail has picked it up given its history of accusing Facebook of breaking up marriages, putting you in a coma, gives you brain damage and/or cancer and makes you thick.

So it would never miss reporting on Archbishop Vincent Nichols saying Facebook can make you commit suicide.

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  1. At the risk of sounding controversial and old-fashioned though, I'd like to elaborate on this.

    Of course what the Mail is on about is plain rubbish and they always go on about scary shit, including the health risks of Facebook. It wouldn't surprise me if next week they came up with 'Scientists discover Facebook enhances your vitamin intake' the day after they write it gives you TB.

    I must say I do think there are some notes of concern. Based on the fact that more and more people are increasingly centering their relationships on Facebook status updates and photo comments.

    Note that I'm not talking about the many who ALSO do that, who by the time discovered Facebook they were old enough to have developed other types of interpersonal relationship.

    But imagine someone in their young teens who - since day 1 so to speak- were hopping from PSP to Facebook to update their status in 15 words max, then onto Wii, then onto their Myspace page.

    Do you honestly think that doesnt have any social, emotional or behavioural repercussions whatsoever?


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