Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Two readers write...

Nick emails to point out this comment on the latest Littlejohn column, which has led to the following comment being left on the messageboard:
I am 79 years old John and I look forward to reading your articles. As for Mandelson, well done John you've said it all.

This Government is so out of touch with the real world, yes John they live in their own world.

Keep up the good work John.

Plenty are with you, you and the Daily Mail keep us all sane.

- Gregory Battell, New Eltham London, 18/8/2009 18:24

He looks forward to reading the articles so much, he doesn't know the author's name? That says plenty about the intelligence of the people who love Littlejohn.

But also - how is it comments like this get through and comments asking where Littlejohn gets his 'robberies done by Eastern Europeans' 'fact' from, don't.

More than that, how does this get a positive rating of 32?

Regular reader Kit also wrote to highlight this Mac cartoon from the 19 August Mail:
"A gipsy encampment in your village? Appalling! Would anyone like some lucky heather, clothes pegs or their fortune told?"

Because councils behave as if they are run by Gypsies, see? Except they don't because if they did, councils would provide the legal sites they are meant to. And it indulges in the same Gypsy stereotypes that Littlejohn did a few columns ago. Except they forgot the tarmacing.

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  1. I read that old chap's comment under the article and thought how odd it was he used his name four times...completely missed the fact it was the wrong name! Brilliant.

    Good spot Nick!


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