Tuesday 25 August 2009

Star makes up story just so it can put Jordan on the front page. Again.

Loathe as I am to fan the flames of the tedious Katie Price and Peter Andre saga, today's Daily Star front page is another of their classic bits of fiction.

Today they claimed Jordan was pregnant. She says she isn't. The story has already been removed from their website - that's how crap it was - but they had a 'friend' of Jordan saying she had taken three tests and was definitely pregnant.

Eventhough the Star has deleted it, you can read the details - for now - at the Telegraph. The Telegraph. What the hell are they doing reporting sleb tat like this?

It was fairly easy to see that the story was not true from one of the Star's bits of evidence. They used this pic and said that Jordan's new lover was stroking her tummy:

Now the people who produce the Star may not be the most intelligent people around, but if they think that shows someone stroking a tummy, they are dumber than we suspected.


  1. The Telegraph has been going down-market over the last few months, and they have started reporting the same sort of rubbish as the "real" tabloids. Remember the "black/block listing" story?

  2. It appears the Telegraph have now withdrawn the story too. But they do have a whole sub-section of their 'news' section devoted to 'celebrity news' which reads:

    Entertainment, glamour and celebrity: from the Hollywood homes of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton to the chic nightclubs visited by Kate Middleton and Prince William and the holiday beaches favoured by the Beckhams and Sarkozys.



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