Monday 10 August 2009

Carole Malone gets it wrong again (cont.)

Hahahahaha. Hahahahaha. Ha.

The News of the World has paid libel damages to Cherie Blair after 'star' columnist Carole Malone wrote a load of lies about her in one of her pisspoor rants.

Sadly, the amount is being kept secret, but with legal costs on top, it wouldn't be cheap.

Here's the paper's apology in its full glory:

In the Carole Malone column on 5 October, several criticisms were made of Cherie Blair after she appeared as a panellist at a fringe meeting attended by prominent victims of crime.

In particular, it was not right to say Mrs Blair arrived with hordes of security men, only appeared for publicity and was "inhuman" in her responses about the Human Rights Act.

We apologise to her for these assertions which we accept were unfounded.

Unfounded assertions in a Carole Malone column?

Surely that can't possibly be right?

Free car anyone?

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  1. Brilliant! More people who have been unjustly maligned by the hateful Malone should take legal action against her. She is a bigoted, publicity seeking, foul minded crone, thankfully-due to her numerous appearances
    on crap telly (the woman aint fussy!) she has no gravitas whatsoever. a blousy old trollope with to much hair,to much make-up and to much mouth. Keep on exposing her. Great work.


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