Friday, 21 August 2009

Another positive story about migrants ignored

'Children of International Migrants in Europe' is a new study by researchers at Lancaster University. The results?

Watching soaps, reading tabloids and turned off by politics – the children of International Migrants in Britain show a high degree of cultural assimilation compared to their European Neighbours


Powerful evidence of cultural assimilation. Young Pakistanis and Indians in Britain preferred TV shows like EastEnders and Coronation Street. Most read the Sun and the Mirror.

There was no evidence of political radicalism. Rather, there was a general indifference to politics amongst all groups.

You may have missed hearing about this study because, it appears, the Mail is only the newspaper that bothered to mention it. And eventhough it did bother, it didn't assign a proper journalist to cover the story (Daily Mail Reporter takes the byline). And then the article is peppered with the word 'claim' so it appears that the Mail doesn't quite trust the results.

The last time the Mail reported on a Migrationwatch poll, there was no such doubt raised - it was just all accepted as true.

It wasn't covered highly on the Mail website and despite being up for over a day, there are no comments on the story.

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