Monday, 10 August 2009

Mail's crush on sixteen year old continues

The Mail website is back to one of it's favourite celebrity fancies - 16 year old Miley Cyrus.

The tone of the article is - 'can you believe she was pole dancing in micro shorts and boots'?

The point of the article is - 'look at these pictures of her pole dancing in micro shorts and boots'.

And then watch the website hits rack up.

The story begins:

Miley Cyrus is a teen star with a wholesome image.

But there was nothing innocent about her dance routine at the Teen Choice Awards last night.

Dressed in micro shorts, black leather biker boots and wearing piles of jewellery, the 16-year-old appeared older than her years as she cavorted around a pole onstage.

But here's the thing: she wasn't pole dancing. A pole attached to what looks like an ice cream cart came on stage and she spent about 30 seconds holding it. There was no 'cavorting'. And to say there was 'nothing innocent' about the routine is a very large overstatement, seemed solely designed to set the minds of middle aged men (such as those who edit the Mail and its website?) racing.

Indeed, by modern pop standards, it looked fairly innocent.

Still, there's five very large pictures of Miley attached to the story, just so everyone can have a good look at how shocking it all is.

Then the Mail adds:

Perhaps Miley, the star of Hannah Montana, was hoping to charm an older audience than her loyal teenage fanclub.

Hmmm - trying to attract the attention of an 'older audience'?

You certainly wouldn't get the Mail trying such tactics...

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