Sunday 9 August 2009

Carole Malone gets it wrong again

Carole Malone is treating News of the World readers to more of her idiotic views on immigration, in an article on (yes) Judge Trigger.

Truth Triggers a rotten response uses 'truth' in the same way Littlejohn did. In fact, it's much the same as his rant - Trigger's telling the truth, you can't say what you mean any more, and on and on.

Needless to say, the 'truth' never comes into it.

Quoting Trigger's remarks on people coming to the UK to avail themselves of 'generous' benefits, Carole adds:

So what did he get wrong? What lie did he tell? Who did he insult apart from illegal immigrants who come here to sell drugs? And who the hell cares what they feel?

The linking of illegal immigrants to drug dealers may be related to the case at hand, although that phrasing seems designed to imply that it is more common than that.

And if she wants a list - welfare benefits are not generous, immigrants can't easily get them and they don't come here just to get them.

Judge Trigger also pointed out that the burden of the millions being handed out in benefits to people who come here illegally...

So what did he get wrong there?

Well for the hundredth time, illegal immigrants don't get benefits. Why is that so bloody difficult for these thick columnists to understand that?

Nothing the judge said hasn't been said by me, a whole host of other journalists

Yes, and you're all wrong.

Then her agenda becomes ever more clear:

So, again, I ask why is Judge Trigger being investigated? The Office for Judicial Complaints says that if a judge makes insulting or racist remarks he can be sacked.

Now, what Carole has done, in an entirely underhand, but absolutely deliberate way, is avoid repeating Trigger's remarks about national debt since 1997. When the investigation was announced, the statement made clear it was about whether his comments

extended overtly into the political arena

which a judge is meant to be above. So that's why he is being investigated. Read the one paragraph statement Carole. It's not hard.

So racism doesn't come into it at all. Anywhere. Maybe the Office for Judicial Complaints does say that racist remarks will lead to a sacking - as they should - but that's not what this case is about. That's just her way of pushing the tabloid readers' buttons. Warming to her theme she goes on to say:

The inquiry into Judge Trigger's remarks is an affront to free speech because what it says is that anyone who speaks out about immigration risks being punished, publicly humiliated or left with a career in ruins.

Yes, clearly you and Littlejohn are really struggling with your careers. And that 'free speech' argument is one that inevitably only extends to people she agrees with. And not to people like those Muslim protestors she wanted arrested for taking part in a demonstration.

Pathetic. And her big finish?

And there you have it - the insidiousness, the hypocrisy and the ugliness of this so-called democracy of ours writ large. In Britain today to say that an illegal immigrant who fraudulently claims benefits and sells drugs shouldn't be here or claiming those benefits IS now classed as racism.

So another outing for illegal immigrants claiming benefits, eventhough they can't, and there hasn't been anything in the (many) articles I've read on this case that says this drug dealer was on benefits.

And no one is actually classing this as racism; the criticism is that his remarks were both unwise for a judge, and just plain wrong. Racism is a straw man introduced by her, so she can knock it down in yet another nasty, ill-informed rant.

And she still hasn't explained where those free cars come from.


  1. Well I managed to get a comment posted (August 10 2009 at 7:23 AM), pointing out how he shouldn't have been pontificating on immigration policy while at work, and also that he's conflating immigration/illegal immigration/asylum.
    Don't think it'll change anyone's opinion though, especially not Malone's.

  2. I tried to get one posted too, poiting out some of the errors in her piece ridiculous rant, but for some reason, they didn't post it. I wonder why?


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