Friday, 28 August 2009

Believe it or not - Desmond papers are about to get worse

MediaGuardian is reporting the National Union Journalists' claim that Richard Desmond is to cut over 70 journalists from its four 'newspaper' titles, following the news that 80 more were to be made redundant last September.

Regular readers will know that Desmond is a liar and a bully and a totally inappropriate person to be running newspapers. And his rarely rise above nasty, racist, anti-immigrant, anti-Islam, Britain-isn't-Britain-any-more bullshit.

How are fewer journalists going to help get the exclusives, which the Express never get? When was the last time an Express story led the news agenda - and that doesn't include the ones where they are paying damages for weeks of inaccuracies.

As noted before, the Express is made up of a lot advertising. And lately even its editorial has been advertising. How can fewer journalists change that? Just looking at today's edition and on a rough count, 34 and a half pages (out of 88) are advertising.

That's 39%. Add to that all the pictures and already it is staggeringly lacking in journalist-written content.

And that will only get worse. Because Desmond has no concern for journalism. All he has a concern for is making money and treating minorities like crap.


  1. So they'll have to rely even more on "ready made" stories from lobby and interest groups - as described in Flat Earth News.

    Which means even more Taxpayers' Alliance and Migrationwatch cut'n'paste. But you shouldn't worry unduly: circulation at the Express titles is in steady decline, and ultimately this approach leads to extinction. As seen with a previous generation of dinosaurs.

  2. Could this mean we will no longer be subjected to inane, bigoted drivel from Anne 'Doris Karloff' Widdicome? We can hope.


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