Saturday, 29 August 2009

Listen to the Mail's new favourite politician

Today's Mail contains a lengthy interview-cum-worship-at-the-feet-of-article about the new English Democrat Party Mayor of Doncaster, Peter Davies. Being described as 'un-PC' pushes all the right buttons for the Mail - and he is father to idiot Tory MP and PC-gone-mad obsessive Philip Davies.

However, it is worth reading this hilarious transcipt from an interview he did on BBC Radio Sheffield the day after his election, or listening here (although it cuts off before the end).

And this is the man the Mail and its readers (every one of the 174 comments is currently rated positive, which suggests they all back him) wish to idolise.

At the end, after Davies has huffed off, interviewer Toby Foster says that will be one of the easiest interviews he will get.



  1. He was on Jeremy Vine not long ago - he couldn't have given him an easier ride. This is the only bit of the show I could find (as it is no longer on iPlayer). When he says that he has gay friends, it reminded me of

  2. I tried to leave a comment as everyone else was mentioning the article had no negative comments. I basically called him a bigot and a menace who cut jobs and restricted free speech. Somehow I don't think the comment will make it through.


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