Sunday 9 August 2009

Mail columnist takes part in 'patronising stunt'

Remember how Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn dismissed three police women who dressed in burkhas for the day to see what it was like as 'dopey birds' engaging in a 'patroinising stunt'?

Well, never-known-to-be-interesting Mail columnist Liz Jones is revealing her experiences of spending a whole week dressed in a burkha.

Is this a 'patronising stunt' too, Richard?

As with the Star, it seems this is designed to be groundbreaking when the journos do it, but a disgrace when the police do it. Go figure.

Anyway, Jones has written a staggeringly shallow article on the subject, coming up with 'insights' that are familair to anyone who has followed the 'ban the burkha' argument.

Here's one of her pearls of wisdom:

An Arab man shouted abuse. I have no idea what he was saying

So how did you know it was abuse? But what she's really trying to say is:

the interesting point is that during my week in a burka, he was the only person who gave me any abuse whatsoever.

Of course that may be true (if he was insulting her at all) although as she spent her time going around the coffee shops in Primrose Hill, that may not be entirely surprising. Why not travel to an area where the BNP has some councillors and then see how many insults she gets?

Or indeed, to Birmingham, where another far-right protest against 'Islamic extremists' has descended into violence. Facts a bit thin on the ground as yet, but 33 people were arrested.

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