Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Mail readers who want to be outwardly racist

Apparently, the Mail messageboard people, that breed who think France is in the UK, can't see anything wrong with the word 'Paki':

Paki is no worse than Brit.
- Joe O'Neill, Pretoria,South Africa, 26/8/2009 12:52

Where I live I am called a "Brit", short for British. Am I screaming "Racism?" No I am not. Stop making trouble where there is none.
- james, dubai, uae, 26/8/2009 12:51

Pakis, Brits, Scots, what's the difference?
- Chris, Yorkshire, 26/8/2009 12:56

All positively rated of course.

Really, really, disturbing.

They'll be wanting to call black people 'golliwogs' next. Oh, wait...

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