Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Recommended - how dare we try to teach healthy relationships in schools

Two excellent posts from the Daily Quail - one the Mail's latest bizarre BBC and ageism and Strictly Come Dancing nonsense, and on today's awful Mail front page complaining about teaching children about wife-beating.

Here's how James Slack's story begins:

Pupils as young as five will be taught about the evils of 'wife beating' and the need to form healthy relationships.

The lessons are part of a controversial drive, unveiled today, to reduce violence against women and young girls.

Controversial? How can that be in any way controversial?

Slack and the Mail - sometimes it's just beyond parody.

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  1. Obviously, it's controversial because it may be discriminatory towards wife-beaters and those in unhealthy relationships (with their chosen newspaper, for instance). It's political correctness gone maaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!


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