Friday, 7 August 2009

The Mail obsession with Britney's weight

Britney Spears has been photographed in a bikini, and needless to say the Mail is printing all the pics because it's in the public interest (good for bumping up the website hits). But what have they decided about her weight this time?

Well, she's back to her 'former glory' and has won the 'battle of the bulge'. Whereas last time she

looked bigger around the middle and both her thick arms and thighs betrayed her continuing passion for fast food.

The story even includes this entirely hopeless paragraph:

And just last month the singer hit the stage in Paris last month looking less than svelte.

Typing one handed has that effect.

Now let's just look at two pics of Britney, from the Mail's articles. The last time, when she was fat and needed a diet she looked like this:

And now she has 'won the battle and shed the excess pounds' she looks like this:
See the huge differences? It's amazing she even got out her front door in the morning before.

All this, of course, just one day after the Mail article about the pressure on how women should look.


  1. Here's how I've decided these stories work.

    Online editor: Right! We've paid for a bundle of images of Britney without many clothes on to attract pervs to the site from the links on Google. We need an excuse to put them up. Has she been in the news recently?

    Hack: Not really. Hey, there's an ever so slight bulge at her stomach. Can we do one of them 'isn't she fat' stories?

    Online editor: (Slaps hack round the beack of the head). Nitwit! We did one of those last time! You'll have to do better than that!

    Hack: Umm...Doesn't she look great now she's lost the weight?

    Online editor: Bingo! Next time go with 'isn't she fat'. Unless she really has lost weight - then it's 'health worries over skinny Britney'. Write both just in case and wait for the pics.

    Hack: Job's a good 'un!

  2. I think that is spot on - it's all about finding feeble excuses for using the tits-n-ass pap pics.

    And this 'story' about a 'fat' Big Brother contestant is no better:


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