Saturday, 15 August 2009

Turning defeat into victory

The Star has been telling its readers about the latest ABC circulation figures, which showed a (depressing) 20% increase year-on-year for the dismal rag. A daily dose of lies about Jordan, reality tv and BNP-style flagwaving, it's cheap and nasty. But it crows:

We’ve kicked our rivals into touch by becoming Britain’s most successful newspaper – OFFICIAL...

we’ve left our so-called rivals languishing in the lower leagues.

The dismal Mirror is facing relegation after losing a staggering 103,000 readers a day!

That’s a mammoth 7% drop in total circulation. And the setting Sun saw 12,000 ditch their side every single day in July. No other daily or weekend newspaper in Britain can compete with our meteoric rise...

Not only are we giving you everything bigger, better and brighter than our rubbish rivals – we’re doing it at a far better price.

Well yes, it's half the price of the other red tops (a price cut reflected in the increase in sales), although at 20p it is still 20p overpriced.

But it's hard to work out how this news makes the Star 'Britain's most successful newspaper', as it remains only the fourth biggest selling daily, far, far behind the Sun (3.1m), Mail (2.17m), Mirror (1.34m) with its 887,000 sales.

That is leaving its rivals 'languishing'?

But the Star's owner claims victory even when he's lost, so maybe it's not that surprising.

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