Monday 24 August 2009

France now in UK, say Mail messageboard geniuses

It has often been said that the people who leave comments on the Daily Mail website don't read past the headline and first few lines before giving us all the benefit of their ignorant views. Usually the truth is buried towards the end of the article, when they have given up reading and started bashing out their bilious responses.

Vietnamese illegal immigrants hidden among speciality food on truck bound for UK is an accurate headline and the first sentence explains the rest:

A lorry carrying supplies to a Vietnamese restaurant in Birmingham had 13 illegal migrants on board when it was stopped in France.

Good. So the border police have stopped some illegal immigrants getting to the UK. Surely cause for the messageboard people to cheer? Well, no, because some of them haven't even read that first line properly:

Send them back this is happening every day and this government cannot handle it.
- D.Platten, Hull, 24/8/2009 14:55

I presume then that, within 2 or 3 weeks, the government will be giving them all council houses, 4-500 pounds per week, a free car and of course permanent residence.
- Mark Rees, San Francisco (Ex Pat), 24/8/2009 14:08

Check up in 6 months to see how many of them area still here.
- tony, sheffield, 24/8/2009 13:59

Why are they still in this country? They should have been shipped straight back too the safe country they had left, probably France
- s'me again Shane, Beverley East Yorkshire, 24/8/2009 13:45

Let me know if these people are deported in the next ten years.
- Dab, Cambs England, 24/8/2009 13:16

No doubt they will be allowed to stay , given a house and every benefit going.
- Jax, England., 24/8/2009 12:42

So, your starter for ten: which bit of 'stopped in France' do these idiots not understand?

Notice in particular the second comment by Mark Rees, who comes out with Carole Malone's 'free car' bullshit (an urban myth is born...), and claims they receive '4-500 pounds per week', rather than £35.

Needless to say these comments are all voted positive, but surely it brings into question once again how the Mail moderators are letting through such stupid comments. They have also published a few pointing out their error, but their policy on what they allow (comments that tow the line, even when they're completely factually wrong) and what they don't (comments pointing out errors and lies) seems the wrong way round entirely.

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  1. Y'know what, this cow crap hurts my head so much that I now try to tell myself that the Daily Fail has actually been taken over by a bunch of guerilla satirists and is in fact Britain's answer to 'The Onion'.

    If I didn't allow myself this little fantasy, I'm sure I'd be driven to run amok with a frozen trout.


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